Where do I start…  I am a mother of two after having children my breasts continued to grow here’s my story. I started off as a B cup before I had my first child then my breasts increased in size to a DD cup, 5 years later I became pregnant with my second child my breasts increased in size once again this time to a G cup Your probably thinking wow lucky lady in fact no that was not the case for me, eventually my breasts started to decrease in size leaving me at a size DD/E. I had a lot of loose skin leaving me with very heavy droopy asymmetric breasts, with large size areolas this had a major effect on my back and posture I felt very uncomfortable as this was hugely impacting on my life while leaving me lacking in confidence. I started to search for a surgeon as I believed surgery was the only way forward. I had a consultation at 152 Harley street with Dr Marsh, upon meeting with Dr Marsh I knew straight away Dr Marsh Was the one. Dr Marsh explained the whole procedure advising me the best possible result for me would be to have a mastopexy done. Initially I was quite worried as I didn’t want to lose my cup size and also the fact there would be a lot of scaring (the anchor scar) that would be an incision around the nipple straight down the middle of the breasts then under the crease line of the breasts while removing the excess skin and breast tissue to be removed on the left side of my breast to match my right side of my breast. I made the decision to go ahead with the operation as anything would be far better than how I was. On the 17th of March 2017 I was booked into the Weymouth street hospital to have my operation the surgery went very well no complications I was in and out of the hospital the same day. I can’t thank Dr Marsh and his team enough the scars are so thin the position of the nipples are fantastic the size and the shape of the breasts are amazing I am currently wearing my original bras DD being at 6 weeks post op I am over the moon and feel like a complete new woman. I highly Recommend Dr Mash as I found him to be a trustworthy surgeon, will put you at ease, will provide you with the best possible and utmost care, while walking away with the correct information and feeling on top of the world.

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